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Building successful, long-term partnerships with our customers is our primary aim. This is the driving force behind all our endeavours. The know-how we have developed over the past years plays an essential role here, as does the importance we place on predicting the needs and expectations of our customers in advance and acting accordingly.

Our employees are the source of our success. Their commitment and capabilities provide the foundation for the professional results our long-standing customers have come to rely on. We have the well-being of our employees, their personal motivation and their development at heart and we are committed to supporting them in all they do in order to ensure that our customers can continue to expect excellence and innovation from KoCoS in the future. Our company culture is characterized by open dialogue, mutual respect and clearly formulated common goals.

We bear responsibility for our employees, for the society we live in and for the environment. We strive to take concrete action in order to fulfil these responsibilities while offering a helping hand to people who are suffering and in desperate need.

We invite you to join KoCoS in helping people in need!

Our KoCoS care website showcases the aid projects we support and have been working with for many years in some cases.
Thank you for taking an interest in these projects which have such an important place in our hearts. We would be very grateful for your support!

A safe home at KoCoS

KoCoS Messtechnik AG, the globally active company for electrical and optical measurement technology with headquarters in Korbach, Germany, is offering a family of 4 from the Donetsk region of Ukraine a new home in the guest house on the KoCoS company premises.

On Monday, 14.3.2022, Ulrike and Thomas Becker (KoCoS CEO) warmly welcomed the family, showed them their new home, and provided them with food and all the necessary furnishings. Kunul, Elnur, Surayya and Samir from Ukraine can now arrive at the KoCoS guesthouse in Korbach and get some rest.

Further living space for two families from Ukraine is also being completed on the company premises of the Weimar branch KoCoS Optical Measurement GmbH, so that a safe home can be provided there too.

KoCoS, together with the aid organizations KoCoS Care and Humanitäre Hilfe Korbach e.V., is very committed to helping the suffering people in Ukraine and also the refugees who have arrived in Germany with donations of money and goods, medicines and other relief supplies.

Very recently, more medicines and medical materials were financed and sent on their way to Ukraine together with the association Humanitäre Hilfe Korbach e.V.

Further donations are very welcome!

Donation account:
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