Missionsärztlichen Familie der Verlassensten (FMMD) e.V.
FMMD - Familia Medico-Missionaria Desertissimorum (lat.)

FMMD aims to provide social, spiritual, medical and financial aid to the forsaken.

We want to reach out to the forsaken in Christian fellowship and provide them with the assistance they so need. As well as running Christian projects in Benin (West Africa) and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Central Africa), we also call for a renewal of the missionary spirit in Europe here and now.

Let's remember our Christian roots and join together against the many faces of forsakenness in our times!

"Mary, mother of the forsaken" Africa centre in Adjarra, near Porto-Novo, the capital of Benin, West Africa

Local leaders are committed to the project and have made a large piece of land available to us. Benin is one of the poorest countries of the world. The lives of the people of Benin are blighted by malnutrition and a lack of social structures, inadequate medical care is a problem throughout the whole country.

In our project we take care of abandoned children who are often infected with the AIDS virus and of mothers forced to bring up their children alone; we also look after neglected, disabled and old people who have no one else to turn to. For all of these people, our "Mary, mother of the forsaken" centre provides security, acceptance, healing and peace.

In the textile workshop we offer women the opportunity to train as seamstresses, giving them the means to lead an independent life.

Aid for the Diocese of Isiro in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

For decades the people of the Congo in the heart of Africa have found no peace. They suffer great hardship as a result of the conflicts between armed groups who are mostly controlled by industrialized countries and incite ethnic hatred in their attempts to secure power, land and natural resources. The consequences are a lack of prospects, a desperately inadequate standard of health care and a educational system which is shockingly deficient. We are working with Bishop Julien Andavo Mbia to try and support the people of the Diocese of Isiro (north-east Congo) by providing medical aid and setting up a trauma centre for the war victims and by our involvement in a workshop for the rehabilitation of former child soldiers.

"The greatest misery afflicting modern man is our forsakenness in a world which has become poorer at the level of human relationships, our deepest wound is being thrown back upon ourselves. The forsaken can be found all over the world and JESUS suffers alongside them from the consequences of selfishness and unkindness. As brothers and sisters of the FMMD, we are aware of the healing power of God's love manifested in JESUS CHRIST (See 1 John 3:16) which enables us to heal the sick and to mend what is broken; as ambassadors of this healing love, we work together to further the kingdom of GOD and build a new Christian family."

2016: KoCoS supports the Afrika centre in Adjarra

This year KoCoS continues its commitment to helping those in need and once again supports the FMMD. A donation from our CEO will give hope of a better future to children, young people and families in need in the Africa centre "Mary, mother of the forsaken" in Adjarra.

2015: KoCoS finances solar energy system in Benin

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime": with this principle in mind, KoCoS regularly supports the FMMD in its tireless dedication to helping the needy. A five-figure donation made by the KoCoS group has paid for the construction of a long-awaited solar energy system for the "Mary, mother of the forsaken" Africa centre in Adjarra, near Porto-Novo, the capital of Benin, West Africa.

The centre consists of three buildings and provides accommodation for mothers and their children, vocational training in tailoring and dressmaking, long-term health care and missionary work. The health centre offers medical care for needy people throughout the entire region.

The solar energy system installed on the roof of the health centre provides enough electricity to operate the pump of the well which supplies the entire project as well as providing electricity for the tailoring and dressmaking training facility, the accommodation units and the infirmary. This makes the Africa centre independent of the unreliable local power supply.

2014: KoCoS helps build health centre

With this year's donation to mark the opening of the new building in Weimar, KoCoS once again supports the "Mary, mother of the forsaken" centre in Adjarra/Benin.

Following the recent opening of the training facility for tailoring and dressmaking in the mother-child shelter, the shell of the building for the new health facility has now been completed. In addition to two sickrooms, the health facility will consist of a treatment room, a dispensary and a transformer room for the solar cells. The solar energy system will make the centre independent of the unreliable local power supply.

The second container, which is mostly filled with medical supplies, has also arrived safely in the Congo and is now approaching its final destination, the Diocese of Kindu in the East of the country. Here too those affected by war can now take new hope.

2013: KoCoS provides relief to Africa

Like many other companies, hospitals and individuals, KoCoS Messtechnik AG has responded to the appeal for donations made by "Familia Medico-Missionaria Desertissimorum (lat.)", a charity established in 2012.

Clothing, baby food, hospital beds, and a solar powered refrigerator have been sent to Africa. Further medical equipment such as X-ray apparatus and ultra sound equipment will follow in a second consignment as soon as the first container has safely reached its destination.

In the diocese Isiro in northern Congo, on land leased by Bishop Julien Andavo Mbia,, a hospital is to be built, which is so urgently needed in a country ravaged by civil war. The container funded by donations will be converted into a treatment room, which will serve as the first place where the ill and injured receive treatment.

We invite you to join KoCoS in helping people in need!

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